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Online training prices are different than In-person training.

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The Wellness of OZ Online Academy

200 & 300 HOUR Online Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Alliance Approved


We have been hard at work creating an amazing online program that is the perfect combo of both evergreen and live class setup. 


The great thing about our course is that you get to pick and work at your own pace, OR, if you are still craving that group setting feeling where you connect deeper with a group of people you were destined to learn alongside with, you have that option too. 


How? you ask…..


Option 1: 


Learn at your own pace, in your own timezone & timeframe, whether you have 1 hour to spare per day/week, or 5 where you will have FULL ACCESS to the evergreen classes as well as links to our live classes which will also be recorded and uploaded to watch in your own time. Graduate at your own pace!


Option 2:


Each year, we will have set dates for live online training and you will still have FULL ACCESS to all evergreen and live class links as well as the recorded and uploaded ones to watch in case you miss a few. 


This is definitely the option for people that need discipline, crave the group setting & environment and want to graduate sooner rather than later.   







We offer In-Person 200 & 300 Hour Yoga teacher trainings, 2 ways.

Weekend trainings -  Friday evening/Saturday/Sunday


3 or 4 Week Intensives

All our trainings are Yoga Alliance Approved.


Being part of a Yoga Teacher training is very special. It is truly life changing & Transformational. It is a huge personal growth and healing experience. We learn how to connect Mind, Body & Spirit which in return helps in leading a more peaceful and fulfilling life and lifestyle. It is so much more than just a physical workout. It connects us to our spirit and fixes our busy and sometimes troubled minds. It helps us deal with traumatic experiences and connect with unseen beautiful forces. The ancient wisdom and knowledge that we gain could be the most valuable asset you will ever attain, not only for yourself but in being able to help others in their life journey.

*Please note: Not everyone that completes a Teacher training is interested in becoming an active Yoga teacher, although you will graduate as a Yoga alliance (world recognized) teacher, This may be a personal growth program which teaches you deeper insight and ancient wisdom as well as bringing you overall better health and fitness. What we are trying to say is that please do not be intimated by age, lack of fitness and/or mobility. Yoga is for everyone! All we ask is that you come with an open heart and be ready to dive deep and do something beautiful for your Mind, Body & Spirit. Yoga is so much more than just the Physical practice of Asana.



* The art of vinyasa yoga sequencing & Transitions

* How to teach (and practice teaching) A vinyasa flow yoga class. Gentle, intermediate and advanced classes will be covered, as well as looking into teaching Yin & Restorative. We will also offer basic teachings on prenatal Yoga,  Ayurveda & Chakras.

* The integration of Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra and Philosophy into a vinyasa yoga class

* Meanings of mantras and a deeper exploration of the Deities. Gods/Goddesses

* Study of the sacred teachings/texts, Bhagavad Gita & Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

* Study of the teachings of the great yogic fathers such as Pattabi Jois & BKS Iyengar

* The integration of yoga and business. (Including how to set up your own online business).


Our next 200 Hour In-person

available Dates & Locations


2024 DATES

Burbank Studio Location price: $3,333

Early Bird Pricing: $2,999

If deposit or full payment is made by June 15th 2024

or if you attend one of our FAQ Dates 

Weekend trainings -  Friday evening/Saturday/Sunday

August 2nd to October 6th 2024


Antalya, Turkey 

October 13th to November 3th 2024

Early Bird pricing  -  $4,444

If deposit is paid by July 15th 2024 for October/November training

Regular pricing  - $4,888

All inclusive (except flights)

3 Week Intensive 

This intensive includes 3 meals per day, Accommodations & Excursions 

Payment Plans available.

No Refunds.

If you are interested in training with us and need course details, we will email you additional info.

If you need help booking your flight, we do have a preferred Travel agent.

Please contact us directly with further questions.

Payment plans are offered.

No Refunds.

300 Hour Teacher Trainings 2025

Antalya, Turkey 

Dates to be announced

Early Bird Pricing - $5,222 


Regular Pricing - $5,555

All inclusive (except flights)

4 Week Intensive 


Cyprus Intensive price: $5,222

Burbank Studio Location price: $4,222

Dates to be announced

Accommodation details are the same as our 200hr

Payment plans are offered

No Refunds















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