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My Story

I am known as The Travelling Healer as I work, teach & offer trainings & healing retreats, Worldwide.


I teach many different methods & techniques of healing. particular methods I love is to teach people how to change their lifestyle & health using different forms of Exercise and Natural medicine & nutrition that fits you as an individual with what Mother Nature gave us on this planet.

More & more people are discovering that Drugs & chemicals we are given when sick do not cure but instead create & cause many additional problems. It’s not about trying to fix the issue once it’s too late, but preventing it before it even happens and insuring our overall well-being. And if you are already at that stage of being unwell no-matter how serious & advanced the condition is, almost everything is reversible.


I have worked with Cancer patients, AIDS patients, Lung disease, Tumors, people with unexplainable pains & symptoms and much smaller personal health issues, the list goes on.


I also teach you how to heal using Energy healing. This can be done in person or distance Through Methods such as Reiki, Meditation or Yoga, using a variety of personal methods I have spent years perfecting. My way of teaching is to teach you how to heal yourself, not just to book sessions from me or others to do the work.


I believe that we all have the ability within us to Heal and make positive changes, and my mission is to guide you and teach you how to heal yourself & others and make a beautiful positive impact on the world. It is a gift we all have.


In my classes, sessions, seminars or retreats, Physically, I give an initial assessment based on your Blood type, Weight, Diet, Health issues & fitness levels. Spiritually, I guide you in meditation, teach you how to summon and channel and work with your Angels or Spiritual guides, show and teach you how to incorporate tools that aid in all areas of spirituality, manifesting, Health & Healing, such as Power of prayer, Chakra clearing & balancing, Herbs, Crystals, Essential oils, Visualization, Diet, Natural medicine, Exercise, Past Life issues & much more.


My Studio, 'The Wellness of OZ Yoga Studio', is located in Los Angeles. I am also building a Health & Spiritual retreat on the Island of Cyprus which will have World-renowned Teachers, Shamans & Guides and will be accessible to everyone with the sole purpose of teaching all these wonderful Natural ways of healing the Mind, body & Spirit and spreading the word of the Divine within us all.  

Through my World travels, education & guidance along my life journey, I realized that I was put here to share my Knowledge & experiences with as many as possible and I am dedicated to helping you evolve into better, healthier, spiritual higher versions of yourselves,

That is my goal, That is my Life purpose.

    Love, Light & Blessings,

                  Ozzie Aziz

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