December 3, 2015


SAGE (Salvia officinalis [Latin]) – The Healing & Cleansing Herb

When many people think of Sage, they either think of a spice to rub on their chicken or a Sage wand to cleanse energy. Sage has been used by many cultures for Centuries and has many uses.

A Mediterranean native, it is an aromatic plant. Its Latin name means ‘To Heal’ and throughout the ages Sage has been associated with Wise-men or Sages.

I remember as a kid spending my summers on the island of Cyprus where both my parents are from. My father would sometimes take us to a cool little village up on a mountain called Kantara, This was where I first discovered Sage. My father has always been into healing himself naturally with herbs & Tea’s, he was not even registered with a doctor and still isn’t to this day. He used to tell me ‘Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs’ I never understood what he meant until many years later when I developed some health issues in my late teens and early twenties. Doctors made me wor...

December 3, 2015


 GARLIC – The Miracle food

What better way to start my Health Blogs than to talk about my Most used Natural medicine, GARLIC!!

First off, I’d like to start by telling you that Garlic is a Natural Anti-biotic. (So keep this in mind when you want to reach out for Doctor prescribed Anti-biotics, as they create other issues in your body and are really not good for you.) This food has saved me and so many others from all kinds of illnesses. It actually saved me lots of money aswell, as in the past I was prone to Throat infections & Serious Kidney infections which not only was life-threatening but it meant hospital stays and huge bills. When I discovered a secret from an old Island lady, I was forever grateful. Now I have been using Garlic for many years and the main way I use it is if I’m feeling rundown, immune system shot, I fix myself instantly with Organic Garlic. (Always try to use Organic versions of anything, as we are unaware of what our food really contains anymore) Grab a couple of...

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Sage - The Healing & Cleansing Herb

December 3, 2015

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