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Garlic - The Miracle Food

GARLIC – The Miracle food

What better way to start my Health Blogs than to talk about my Most used Natural medicine, GARLIC!!

First off, I’d like to start by telling you that Garlic is a Natural Anti-biotic. (So keep this in mind when you want to reach out for Doctor prescribed Anti-biotics, as they create other issues in your body and are really not good for you.) This food has saved me and so many others from all kinds of illnesses. It actually saved me lots of money aswell, as in the past I was prone to Throat infections & Serious Kidney infections which not only was life-threatening but it meant hospital stays and huge bills. When I discovered a secret from an old Island lady, I was forever grateful. Now I have been using Garlic for many years and the main way I use it is if I’m feeling rundown, immune system shot, I fix myself instantly with Organic Garlic. (Always try to use Organic versions of anything, as we are unaware of what our food really contains anymore) Grab a couple of cloves and before bedtime, chop them up. With a spoon place them on your tongue and swallow with a glass of water, then get to bed, wear warm clothes, wrap up and as you sleep, your body will use the Garlic to sweat out all toxins from your body. YES, you will stink so I suggest making your partner do this with you, it can’t harm.

Now, if it is a serious problem /Infection that’s pretty far gone i.e Kidney infection, then (This maybe too much for my Westerner friends) but you may have heard that Anal insertion of medications go straight to the blood stream and gets into your system quicker. Well my friends, I’ve just shared my secret to getting rid of Kidney infections real quick. A whole clove, Garlic doesn’t release its medicine unless it is bruised or cut, now hit it a couple of times or slit it a little, but make sure it stays whole and insert. This may have to be done 2 to 3 nights in a row depending on the severity of your Infection. Again just before bedtime. It will sting a little at first and I promise, it will come out the next day during your toilet visit. You may think ‘eww gross’ but I’m living proof that it works.

It can also be used by women for yeast infections by simply putting a whole clove into the Vagina at bedtime, so if you’re one of those ladies that are prone to them and cannot seem to get rid of them, try this. It may seem a little odd at first, but nothing beats healing yourself naturally and avoiding chemicals that humans have so grown to love. I’ve found that these chemicals never seem to cure but only disguise symptoms, and give you 20 other problems that build up in your body over time, and who knows how much more harm they actually do with sicknesses that appear later on in life.

Love Your Body, You only get one!!

Other uses of Garlic:

Strengthens the Immune system

Great source of Vitamin C & B6

Reduces Blood pressure and High cholesterol levels

Used for Colds, Flu & Bronchitis

Acts as a Nasal decongestant

Has Anti-viral & Anti-bacterial properties

Great for Asthma & Arthritis

Great for the Heart

The high levels of iodine make it a very effective treatment for hyperthyroid conditions.

Can also inhibit Blood clotting

It may also help to prevent the growth of Malignant Tumors

Garlic can aid in the prevention of multiple types of cancer. Bladder cancer, Prostate cancer, Breast cancer, Colon cancer and Stomach cancer have all been shown to have their tumors reduced when treated with garlic. (Vitamin B6 is said to have cancer fighting abilities.)

It can regulate your blood sugar which may assist in the control of Diabetes

The list goes on……..

One word of advice though, just like with everything in Life, Use Garlic in Moderation and when needed. Too much of anything is never good for you. Also if it is used daily and in high doses, I’m not sure you would be too happy with the stench coming out of your pores. lol

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