Meet Our Teachers 

Where we come together from all walks of life. 

Named after the city of Los Angeles, Angela walked into her first yoga class 12 years ago and fell in love instantly. Since then, she's practiced countless hours and has taught over a thousand hours in the past 7 years.  In Spring of 2016, She spent a month humbly studying in Rishikesh, India under world renowned teachers to deepen her practice.  She now uses her soft harmonic voice to guide students through session of self-discovery.  Using the combination of movement and rhythmic breathing to create challenges for the mind and body meanwhile providing stretches and counter-poses to relieve tension and stress.  Angela says, “My main goal for every class is for each of my students to discover something wonderful about themselves.  Getting fit, losing weight, becoming stronger, more flexible and balanced is just a bi product.”

Virginia Borowiec was not exposed to yoga until making her move to Los Angeles in 2003.  Since her introduction to yoga she has pursued it in any way shape or form. Even when times were tough and especially when moving through dark times in her life, yoga was always the light and the allure of her passion. After many years of practice and never thinking she herself could be a yoga teacher, she discovered Bhakti Vinyasa Flow through the Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, CA.  Training with Govindas was life changing for her and now, Virginia has dedicated her life to inspiring others through yoga.  Working In mental health facilities, treatment centers for drug addiction and alcohol abuse, as well as private clients and studios; Virginia has brought yoga into the lives of people who never thought they could do it. There are so many different facets of yoga, not limited to, but stemming from the 8 limbs of Yoga, originating from Pantanjali and permeating to ashtanga yoga and throughout the various communities. An 8 limbed yoga practice teaches us that yogic way of life involves more than making shapes with our bodies and the physical "workout" that yoga provides.  There's principles, breathing, movement, detachment, meditation, and union; so many wonderful things to explore through yoga! The ultimate goal for Virginia through her certifications in yoga and nutrition, are to help people nurture a relationship with themselves and really bridge the gaps between mind, body, and spirit in order to create a harmonic way of living.